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Whole!Installs pipe laying techniques guide

2019-02-26 Clicks:990 Source: Internet

Home water pipe laying engineering is the most basic in the stage of hydropower project, if the pipe installation problems, greatly affect a family daily water use.Set a dangerous precedent for a family to decorate, so small make up to you to sort out a few big decorate in the pipeline, need you extremely pay attention to the problem and technique.

Hot and cold water pipe spacing


Common problem: if the installation was not in accordance with the standard specification, cold and hot water pipe spacing is greater than or less than 15 cm, can lead to water heater interface docking with the pipe.

Pipe inspection techniques: can take a ruler to measure directly, pipe diameter distance of 15 cm is unqualified, error to ensure that within 0.1 cm.

Put an end to cross water and gas pipe


Common problem: when the gas pipeline is under pressure in the pipe, susceptible to conduit leakage or gas leakage.

Pipe inspection techniques: take a ruler to measure, should ensure that gas and water lines from more than 10 centimeters.

Avoid water electricity


Common problem: the water pressure in the pipeline, if the water pipe leakage or water pipe wall, may soak pipe inside the wire, the leakage situation.

Pipe inspection techniques: banning above the pressure in the pipe line, first to distinguish between the pipe and the pipeline.Marked with the red tubes is hot water pipe, marked with blue line of tubes is cold water pipe, a fine pure white tube is a pipe.

It is forbidden to hydropower with slots


Common problem: the pipe and pipe buried in the same slot, pose a safety hazard.Because water is a conductor, if leakage will cause QuanLou electricity.

Pipe inspection techniques: water and electricity must be placed in a different slot, distance of 15 cm.

No redundant joint


Common problem: a piece near the joint of a spare connector, easy to leakage hidden trouble.

Pipe inspection techniques: elbow direct connection to ensure that two water pipes, don't have a spare connector.


Small make up to you to sort out some skills, I believe you will have a certain knowledge of pipe acceptance, pack pipeline repair is a huge cost involved process, only strives for perfection in every aspect, is an important guarantee for household water security.

Good home quick connect type stainless steel pipe connection mode:


1) has the province work, saving time, materials, tools, province area, environmental protection and sustainable utilization, and many other advantages;

2) installation of risk is low, suitable for a variety of installation environment, can be repeated use, environmental protection and energy saving;

3) good seal performance, shockproof, prevent heat bilges cold shrink, the use of safe, durable and reliable;

Good home pipe with all my heart to build "yi heart for the people, love pass m" concept, target will spread to households, health system with water to make health more readily accessible.Good home is in accordance with the requirements for food grade 304 stainless steel stainless steel precision manufacturing national standard material of a new connection pipes in the new century.It breaks through the traditional pipe secondary pollution, let more healthy drinking water.