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Sanquan responded to the “swine dumplings” incident: How important is the quality of the product?

2019-02-22 Clicks:1045 Source: Internet

On the eve of the Lantern Festival, while the people of the country are preparing to buy the Tangyuan to celebrate the Lantern Festival, the trustworthy “big brand” Sanquan Food has cast a blockbuster: On February 15, 2019, the company received an interactive platform question and learned. There is information on the company's products suspected to be positive for African swine fever virus nucleic acid.

A message made the consumers frightened. After all, in the past, the Sanquan brand's attention to food quality and safety has gained everyone's trust. At present, Sanquan Food has responded to this matter and has taken effective emergency treatment for related products. However, quality issues have become a topic of greater concern to everyone.


How important is quality? From food to building materials, every little quality and safety detail is closely related to the health of consumers. In the face of quality, Guangdong Yijia Pipe Industry Co., Ltd. is absolutely perfect. As a producer of stainless steel water pipes, the company always adheres to the principle of quality first, and strictly controls the products produced to ensure that each water pipe meets relevant inspections. standard.

With strict quality requirements, the company has also gained a place in the market and has gained the trust of many consumers. Every time the safety and quality of other brands appearing on the market, it is a warning to the company. The company always takes the precautions, and always dares not to let go of the insistence on quality. It is precisely because of this insistence that in the process of stainless steel water pipes becoming the new favorite of the home improvement market, the stainless steel water pipes produced by the company are fine craftsmanship and excellent. The quality of the product has been well received and has been trusted by customers.


Gold Cup Silver Cup is not as good as word of mouth. If a product wants to stand in the market, what is most needed is the consumer's affirmation, and the quality that consumers pay attention to must be up to standard. Whether it is the problem of Sanquan Food, or the quality problems of other products on the market today, it is a kind of warning for the product manufacturers. Only when they take the precautions, can they stand in the market and stand on the market. invincible position.