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304 stainless steel pipe demand or a minor release

2019-02-13 Clicks:433 Source: Internet

304 stainless steel pipe steel prices continued downward, almost all species fell across the board.At the same time, affected by the policy surface bad news, the stock market, futures, such as electronic trading prices decline in a row, traders mentality unstable, market confidence big hit.

But hong kong-listed next season is about to enter in the traditional sense of the consumption, and as the central fiscal funds after the national annual allotting and some of the key construction projects have been started, is expected to next stage investment is expected to accelerate the growth of our country.

Manufacturing is still in a state of slow, but stabilizing trend is more obvious, and the real estate market is not very big change, policy regulation and control of the housing market is still a straitjacket.But the climate is suitable for construction, still there will be a certain growth of construction projects, and liaocheng seamless pipe manufacturer requirements or a minor release, but clearly peatlands is more difficult.If demand can strong support price rebound is debatable.

More factors of instability and late, once appear, good or bad, is likely to drive the spot market price.Together, after the market is likely to continue in the "policy guidance - demand good or bad - guide" repeated sideways alternating process, and in the process, low inventory or will play a supporting role to the price.