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This year's double eleven national people chopped hands 213 billion 500 million! And the most expens

2018-11-14 Clicks:522 Source: Internet

The annual double eleven "chop hand Festival"

This year comes the tenth year.

Data keep breaking records...

2018 Tmall double 11 total turnover

21 seconds

Ultra 1 billion yuan

2 minutes and 05 seconds

Ultra 10 billion yuan


When time goes to 24 o'clock in November 11th

This figure is fixed.

213 billion 500 million!

Turnover is increasing rapidly.

So Tmall designers roar:


For many years

Guangdong sits firmly in the country's largest purchasing power province

What is the "war situation" this year?

Tmall released data show that as at 11 o'clock 24 hours

The first three provinces of purchasing power are Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu.

Guangdong topped the list with 25 billion 339 million yuan.

Guangdong has been ranking first in the country since 2014.

Real monkey!


Looking at the top three "chopper list"

It is not hard to find that these are all

Rich southern provinces!

So that the following lines are circulated on the Internet.



So what do southerners like to buy?

Let's take a look at Yijia.

The first thing to do is to play.

Master of chopping hands -- Cantonese

Cantonese's favorite imports are

Health food, milk powder, diaper, facial essence, facial mask.


Hainan Province, the southernmost part of mainland China.

The most popular imports are

Health food, facial mask, facial essence, milk powder, diaper


Tmall combed the last hour.

The most popular imports in the country

The top three are:

Health food, facial mask, facial essence

I didn't expect the whole nation to buy the most.

"Health food"!


With the growth of people's economic level