Why invest in stainless steel pipes?

Stainless steel pipes are the trend of future water pipes, and the national policy is also promoting the use of stainless steel pipes.

Market prospect analysis

Huge market + policy support

Stainless steel pipe is the trend of the future water pipe, the national policy is also promoting the use of stainless steel pipe, stainless steel pipe occupies a small market share, but it is precisely because of this small share, will let us seize the market opportunity.

The market for stainless steel pipes in China is huge, just like the time when plastic pipes replaced galvanized pipes, and now stainless steel pipes will gradually replace plastic pipes.

Three major support

Regional protection + policy support + training guidance

Regional protection:We have a contract stipulating that we can't flee across the region. Once found, we will disqualify the agent and return the business to the original regional agent.

Policy support:The company has an annual marketing incentive policy.

Training guidance:The company regularly conducts professional training guidance for sales and installation, and agents need to be trained at the company headquarters.

Six major guarantees

Stainless steel water pipes are not good and bad. Choosing a reliable brand is the key to successful investment.

  • 1. Quality assurance:
  • Professional stainless steel production enterprises, the comprehensive introduction of German technology and German standard machinery and equipment, professional team research and development with international high-quality drinking water pipeline system
  • 2. image guarantee:
  • Unify the image of VI, craftsmanship, stability and atmosphere
  • 3. Training guarantee:
  • Unified guidance, cycle patrol, scene guidance
  • 4. Operation guarantee:
  • New media, outdoor, high-end magazine promotions
  • 5. after sale guarantee:
  • 7*24 hours all day, technical engineers visit regularly.
  • 6. Risk protection:
  • Full line products are insured by PICC insurance

>>> We only need to deliver the first payment stipulated by the company to become our distributor!!!